Terms and conditions of use

The Deep platform (henceforth "System") is a platform with restricted access, targeted to events. The platform aims to support both the organizers and the participants of an event.

To access the System and its services, the User must accept these Terms and conditions and the eventual modifications to the general conditions of use that might be published on the System. The registration, the access and the use from the User mean the acceptance of terms in these general conditions of use (henceforth "CGU"). To register to the System, the User must fill the apposite electronic registration form available online by accepting these CGU and giving the consent to the use of personal data like pointed out in the section "Privacy Policy" here integrally quoted. The User assumes full responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided, and is committed to promptly updating them in case of variations and releasing I.I.S. from any prejudicial consequence resulted from the communication of wrong or untruthful data.

The access to the System is permitted for non-commercial use with apposite access codes that include a username and a keyword (password). The User can at any time change his password following the procedures provided by the System. Access codes are strictly personal and can't be gave or disclosed to third parties. The User is committed to promptly telliing I.I.S. eventual problems occurred about the activation and the regular use of the platform.

All the materials uploaded from the Users to the System (photos, videos or any other content covered by intellectual property rights) are considered with nonexclusive license of use, transferable, even with sub-license, royalty-free, in all the world to I.I.S.. The User expressly acknowledges that all the intellectual property rights, protected by rules about the copyright or by other dispositions, uploaded to the System or in any case made available, are in the exclusive ownership of I.I.S.. The User can't copy, modify, sell, yield for any reason, give or transfer to third parties or create works of any kind derived from any right of I.I.S. and/or from what published from the User himself on the System neither permit that third parties will do it through the User.

I.I.S. is free to any responsibility of prior investigation, control or compulsory surveillance on the contents uploaded on the System, or on the contents where the Users refer with links and don't assume any responsibility for the content and/or the material, also advertising, spread on these websites or for the goods or the services provided. These goods or services can't be considered in any way offered, advertised, promoted or sponsored by I.I.S. and therefore the User assumes every responsibility for any activity eventually done in relation to that products or services.

I.I.S. won't be responsible for damages caused by delay, faulty operation or by inaccessibility, suspension and/or interruption of the service, as well as the loss and the alteration of the contents put in by the users.

I.I.S. declines also any responsibility for damagaes caused by computer viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, network problems, software or hardware incompatibility, unauthorized withdrawals, unauthorized access, alteration or deletion of data. I.I.S. and those directly or indirectly related to it, are not required to pay compensation for damages, losses or costs incurred as a result of such events. I.I.S. doesn't ensure that the service of the System will be provided without interruptions, due to causes not attributable to it.

2. Modification of the general condition of use
I.I.S. reserves the right to update, integrate and modify the terms of these CGU. The User is committed to periodically inspecting these terms, it being understood that I.I.S. will do everything reasonably necessary and appropriate to inform the User, through the website itself, about the eventual modification of the CGU. The User will be able to ask to quit his registration; continuing to use the System or its services, after these modifications, constitutes acceptance by the User of such changes.

3. Services for use of the User
Within the registration procedure and/or during the use of the service some information can be requested and they must be real, updated and accurate, also for a correct identification and contact. The User has the duty to ensure the maintenance of the confidentiality of his own password and his own personal account to access this service and is responsible for any activity done through his account.

4. Limitations of use
The content of the System is protected by copyright. Documentation, images, fonts, all the codes and format scripts are property of I.I.S. Consulting except what specified about the Users Contributions. Unless expressly provided, the contents of the System, all or any part, can't be copied, modified, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, downloaded, published, distributed, sold or used for any purpose, even to create derivative works, in any way and/or form, without the prior written consent of I.I.S.. It is possible to store such contents on your computer or to print extracts of the System pages only for business use and not for personal use. Users of the System can't perform any processing of personal data; use the web space as files archive or as an archive for files used by other servers; use the service to implement spamming techniques, or for the transmission or exchange of viruses, chain letters, or to bring inconvenience to other users or to third parties.

5. Distinctive signs
All the distinctive signs (word and figurative marks, logos etc.) found and used in the System are ownership of I.I.S. or otherwise available to it in its legitimate availability (henceforth "Distinctive Signs I.I.S."). It is forbidden any reproduction to the public of the Distinctive Signs I.I.S., or any other sign on the System and is in any way intended that any use of these distinctive signs is permitted without the prior written consent of I.I.S., or the other owner of the relative distinctive sign.

6. Intellectual and industrial property rights
Except for the Users Contributions in the next article 9, all the contents and the materials published on the System (including, for example, information material, texts, fixed or moving images, graphics, photos, databases, documentation, etc.), as well as the way in which the materials and the contents are presented and formatted are exclusive property of I.I.S. or its assignors/licensees and are protected by italian and international laws about intellectual and industrial property. I.I.S. reserves the right to pursue any unauthorized use, or infringement of the law, in any court of both civil and criminal.

7. Link - connection with websites of third parties
I.I.S. is not responsible for contents created or published on third parties websites where the System could have an hypertextual connection ("link"). The user who decides to visit a website linked to the System makes it at his own risk, assuming the responsibility to take all measures against viruses or other malware.

8. Prohibition of illegal use
As a condition for the use of the System and its services, the User is committed to not using the same System and its services for illegal reasons or not contemplated in these CGU. The user can't use the System or its services causing damages or prejudice the System itself or interfere with the use and the enjoyment of the System and its services from other users. The User can't have or try to have materials or information from the System with tools not intentionally made available or provided by I.I.S..

9. Users Contributions - Responsibility, indemnifies
The User acknowledges to be the only responsible for every information, message, text, software, data, sound, music, photo, graphic, video, and other material from him transferred, spread, changed or made available through the services provided by the System ("User/s Contribution/s"), with particular but not exclusive reference to the Users Contributes inserted by the section "Create Event". Consequently, the User agrees to indemnify and free I.I.S. from any claims and/or claims of third parties, or for any damage, loss or consequence arising from the transfer of the Users Contributions.

I.I.S. does not do control activities on the lawfulness, truthfulness, validity, accuracy, non-misleading, non-offensive, or possible violations of the law or the rights of third parties that have occurred or that may occur from the Users Contributions. I.I.S. reserves the right to refuse and/or delete the Users Contributions not suitable for transmission, spread, exchange or to be made available through the System. I.I.S. declines any responsibility for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, caused by the user or by third parties from the transmission, spread, exchange or availability of Users Contributions through the services provided by it or any violations of law or the rights of third parties done through the Users Contributions themselves.

10. Users behaviour
Users are committed to:
a. not using offensive language, abusive, indecent, obscene, racist, or in any way discriminatory;
b. not insulting, defaming, swearing, harassing or inciting violence;
c. not advertising or promoting services or their own products or third parties;
d. not including links to commercial sites, to sites with pornographic, illegal, harmful or with offensive material of any kind;
e. not spreading personal data to third parties or sensitive data that can make recognizable third parties in relation to the condition from which they are suffering, unless they have received the formal consent of the person;
f. not violating any intellectual and/or industrial property rights of third parties;
g. not prejudicing in any way the rights of any kind of third parties;
h. not breaking the law.

11. Privacy Policy
The System stores cookies. A cookie is a text file placed on the User's hard disk from the server of a web page. Cookies can't be used to run programs or put viruses in the User's computer. Cookies are assigned to the User uniquely and can be read only from a server web of the domain that delivered the cookie for the User.

At any time is possible to deactivate cookies using the functionality located in the browser's settings.

As the way to refuse cookies is different between browsers, please refer to the Help menu of the browser for further information. Remember that deactivating cookies may prevent to use all that the System can offer and/or prevent the correct view.

According to the law article 13 of D.Lgs.196/2003, I.I.S. will process the information provided by the User in accordance with regulations concerning the protection of personal data.

Collecting User's personal data and consent to processing is optional but without it the User will not access to the Web site administration and to the generated App. The data collected will be processed electronically.

The owner responsible for the processing is:
I.I.S. Consulting Sas - Via Giotto 26, 20032 Cormano (MI).

12. Information accuracy
Despite of I.I.S. is committed to maintaining the System updated, information could be inaccurate or have typos. Information on the System changes periodically.

13. Dissolution/limitation of the access
I.I.S. reserves the right, at its exclusive discretion, to communicate the User the prohibition to access and use the System and its services, or part of them, at any time and with immediate effect, in case of violation from the User of the articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 14 of the previous CGU (Services for use of the User, Limitations of use, Distinctive signs, Intellectual and industrial property rights, Prohibition of illegal use, Users Contributions - Responsibility, indemnifies, Users behaviour), withstanding every eventual request or claim from I.I.S. to the Users for eventual consequences or damages suffered because of the violation of the abovementioned articles. The access to the System could be temporarily suspended in case of technical problems.

At any time I.I.S. will be able to make improvements and/or changes to the System or its services, which are necessary in order to comply with local regulations or otherwise appropriate in its sole discretion.

I.I.S. may also, at its discretion, change/stop the services, in whole or in part (also in front of the interruption of the sources from which the services get the materials). In such cases I.I.S. will do everything in its power to inform timely the Users.

14. Compliance with the law on copyright
I.I.S. declines any responsibility for the violation of the copyright committed by registered Users. Therefore Users are reminded that pursuant to and in accordance with article 70 of law 633/1941 is allowed the summary and the quotation of texts from scientific magazines, also in extract, but always mentioning the title, the author's and publisher's names, and, if it is a translation, the translator's name, if such mentions appear on the copied work.

According to the law article 97 above mentioned can be published excerpts and/or reproductions of scientific conferences, without the consent of the person portrayed, when the reproduction of the image is justified by scientific, educational or cultural purposes, or when the reproduction is associated with facts, events, public interest ceremonies or held in public.

15. Place of jurisdiction
This agreement is entirely governed by Italian law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the court of Milano.